Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our New Life

On May tenth 2011 our first child was welcomed into the world. He was seven pounds exactly and twenty inches long. We had been anticipating his arrival since September of 2010 when we found out that he was on his way. After all those long months of waiting and extra peeing on Monday May ninth at about 9:30 pm I had my first minor contractions. By the time we knew we needed to go to the hospital it was 3 am. We packed everything into the car and we headed out. As we got into town we got stopped at the railroad tracks by and very long train. This very train stopped us a few blocks from the hospital, we had to wait all over again. We got to the hospital and they checked me and had us walk around for a while to see if we were really in labor. After an hour of walking we were given a real room and I got to sit in the warm bath. Then it hit us we were having a baby today. So we did at 2:21 in the afternoon on May tenth Jason Anthony joined our little family making us Tim, Beth and Jason. Forever changed and very happy to have the sweetest little man as a part of our new life as a mommy and daddy.

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