Friday, June 10, 2011

One month old

Today Jason is officially one month old. How can that happen? We didn't do anything special just went to see his Nana and Papa after we went to the dmv and could do what we need. Who doesn't take a credit card now a days? We stopped at Nana and Papa 's because they wont be around this weekend they are making a trip to Michigan to go to a dear friends funeral. In such a sad time Jason just seems to brighten the day. Over the past month we have watched Jason change and grow but what makes me the happiest is that he is finally nursing with out much difficulty (still using the shield but still nursing) He is now sleeping in his crib for naps and in the Pack n Play for bedtime. Letting me finally get some better sleep. I fall more in love with my little man everyday. I know we have only had him for a month but I feel like I can't remember my life before he was here. It feels funny that your whole life can change in just a few hours. Happy One Month my little man. Mommy loves you!!!

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