Friday, June 17, 2011

Jason has figured out how to sleep

The past few days Jason has finally figured out how to sleep at night. He Slept from 1o pm to 3 am and then ate and of coarse had to have a diaper change, then directly back to sleep. And in the Pack n Play finally not in bed with us. He slept from 11 to 3 last night and back to sleep till 6 am finally we have made some progress! It was a welcome change since both Tim and I have been sick this week what joy a baby and a horrible cold. I lost a filling and Im sick we just have the best of luck. At least Jason is sleeping longer. Yay He is growing so fast I cant believe that he is not the same baby! I enjoy everyday watching him grow.

Friday, June 10, 2011

One month old

Today Jason is officially one month old. How can that happen? We didn't do anything special just went to see his Nana and Papa after we went to the dmv and could do what we need. Who doesn't take a credit card now a days? We stopped at Nana and Papa 's because they wont be around this weekend they are making a trip to Michigan to go to a dear friends funeral. In such a sad time Jason just seems to brighten the day. Over the past month we have watched Jason change and grow but what makes me the happiest is that he is finally nursing with out much difficulty (still using the shield but still nursing) He is now sleeping in his crib for naps and in the Pack n Play for bedtime. Letting me finally get some better sleep. I fall more in love with my little man everyday. I know we have only had him for a month but I feel like I can't remember my life before he was here. It feels funny that your whole life can change in just a few hours. Happy One Month my little man. Mommy loves you!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Jason is four weeks old

Through the past four weeks it has been exhausting and incredible to watch Jason change and grow from the first smile to the first noise that wasn't crying. To see him lay on his tummy for the first time I was a little scared not gonna lie. We have had a great first four weeks as a mommy and daddy. We have had our struggles at first it was Jason not nursing but we have made it passed that he still doesn't all the time but we have decided to pump so he is still getting breast milk which makes me happy. To trying to juggle taking care of him and keeping the house clean and dinner cooked. I have come to the conclusion that I will never eat a hot meal again. And that daunting question will I ever fit back in my jeans. Well if I do or don't Jason was well worth it.

Our Anniversary

Today is June Sixth and it is Tim and my fourth anniversary. We got to celebrate yesterday we left Jason for the first time with his Nana and his Papa we dropped him off at like 12. So Tim and I could celebrate. I love you my hunny. We saw Pirates 4. I'm glad we saw it but I missed my little man. Then we got three little screens for our windows and a cheap air conditioner that will at least cool our bedroom we will have to find another for the living room but now we can sleep in peace and at least open the windows.

Jason's First Trip

For Memorial day weekend my parents took Tim Jason and I to Illinios with them. My fathers family lives in Jacksonville IL and my great grandmother is living there. My grandmother (Granny) and Grandpa Fred were up from Arizona to visit also. So we took Jason and went on the five hour car ride. Jason was great he slept from home to Bloomington IL which is 3 and a half hours. We feed and changed him and on our way we went and he was sleeping again before we even reach the freeway. Jason got to met his Great Granny and his Great Great Grandma Ruth. We got a five generation photo. We did a little shopping for some baby ILLINI gear I just had to have. Since Jason is planning on growing up to be a Illini basketball player. (Or his mommy wants him too) We met some family I hadn't even met. The whole weekend did take a toll on our little man he was fussy for the next two days but it was worth the trip and the time with family.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

When Jason Came Home

Our little family were able to leave the hospital on Thursday May twelfth. We were out of there as soon as they let us go. We couldn't wait to get home and start our life as a family. We were both very tired and now we had our little man to take care of. How our lives were going to change. Jason was very good when we got home and let us clean up the dishes and other things that needed to be put away. We introduced him to the cats they were skeptical but did not react bad they were very good about the new little person in their house. Over the next few days we were sleep deprived and had more visitors then we were ready for. But we survived the long nights and unannounced visitors lol.

Our New Life

On May tenth 2011 our first child was welcomed into the world. He was seven pounds exactly and twenty inches long. We had been anticipating his arrival since September of 2010 when we found out that he was on his way. After all those long months of waiting and extra peeing on Monday May ninth at about 9:30 pm I had my first minor contractions. By the time we knew we needed to go to the hospital it was 3 am. We packed everything into the car and we headed out. As we got into town we got stopped at the railroad tracks by and very long train. This very train stopped us a few blocks from the hospital, we had to wait all over again. We got to the hospital and they checked me and had us walk around for a while to see if we were really in labor. After an hour of walking we were given a real room and I got to sit in the warm bath. Then it hit us we were having a baby today. So we did at 2:21 in the afternoon on May tenth Jason Anthony joined our little family making us Tim, Beth and Jason. Forever changed and very happy to have the sweetest little man as a part of our new life as a mommy and daddy.